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Contact me so we can get things rolling! Don't worry, there's no commitment. Just exploration to see if we're a good fit. 

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Here are my rates*:

$90 for a single coaching session.

$300 per month (includes weekly coaching sessions).

At each session I'll help guide you to create space in your mind for the possibility of change. Our thoughts and beliefs drive the reality we create. Bringing these things into awareness, giving them space to exist, evaluating whether or not they are currently helpful, then identifying the thoughts you WANT to have about your health is the cornerstone of our work together. You can dream about your best health, or you can create your best health. You get to choose. I just hold the door open so you can.

I'll also provide any practical information you are looking for, from the best diet for human health, exercising for weight loss, tips on healthy sleep hygiene, to stress reduction. There's a lot of information out there. I can distill it down for you, to make it easy to understand and practice.

And I will give you challenges and habits to incorporate into your daily life, so you can accomplish your whole body health goals in no time.

*Please note rates are subject to change at any time.