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What Is Whole Health Coaching?

I like to think of Whole Health Coaching as a holistic approach to identifying habits and behaviors that work against the best health of an individual, and providing guidance on how to change those habits and behaviors, while imparting knowledge about how optimal health can be achieved.

This Is Where Health Starts.

My belief is that health starts in the gut, and solidifies in the brain. 

Everyday we take in food molecules through the lining of our gut, which are eventually delivered to the areas in our bodies that need them most. Even when we put in molecules that aren't beneficial, our body tries to make the best of it, incorporating what it can where it can. Sometimes this just doesn't work well though, kind of like trying to fit the wrong piece into a puzzle. This can lead to dysfunction in the body.

Our brain is an automation machine, and its ultimate goal is keep us alive. It does this by rewarding us with a hit of dopamine for the things it perceives as pleasurable. Our brain works off the motivational triad:

Seek Pleasure
eat a candy bar

Avoid Pain
candy bar takes away bad emotion

Conserve Energy
eating a candy bar is easy

As incredible as our brain is, it can kind of be a dope sometimes, and reward us for things that aren't really healthy.

That's why reaching an unhealthy tipping point has nothing to do with your character or personality, and everything to do with that miracle of a brain inside your head just trying to keep things steadily humming along.

If you're checking out this site, that likely means you're in a place of discovery about your health. Perhaps you don't feel your best, and haven't for a while. Or maybe your doctor has warned you that if you don't take action, serious consequences could be on the horizon. No matter the reason, I applaud you on stepping out of your comfort zone to consider the possibility of change. 

So here's the deal with coaching:


  • Help you get a clear and honest assessment of your present circumstances.
  • Help you determine your goals and intentions.
  • Help you identify obstacles to these goals so you can move them out of the way and achieve what you set out to.
  • Help you realign the logistics of your daily life in favor of vitality.


  • Take an honest look at your relationship with your health.
  • Recognize old habits that no longer serve you.
  • Build small habits to improve health daily.
  • Set a goal and achieve it. 

As your coach I'll break down many of the common nutritional and lifestyle habits that lead to less than optimal health, then set common sense, realistic goals to help you achieve a balanced state and happy mind.

  • We'll create a foundation for a healthy lifestyle that is easy to build off.
  • We'll shift your thinking about food, looking at it from a basic level so you can nourish your body with awareness.
  • We'll address sugar and junk cravings; why they happen and what to do about them.

Let's take control and change your health story!



I am certified through the Primal Health Coach program, started by Mark Sisson, founder of The Primal Blueprint. Going "primal" is what created a dramatic shift in my health, but I know that might not be the case for all. I utilize the strategy of getting back to basics concerning our genetics and biology, while recognizing the current food and lifestyle environment we live in, and the challenges it presents. I believe in the intuitive power of each individual human body to recognize what is best for thriving in the present moment in order to create longevity.

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